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Fellowship Programs

TRIF’s engagement with the Fellowship structure started with the Aspirational District Fellowship in 2018. Since then, TRIF has collaborated with key ministries anchoring critical public programmes to deliver public system augmentation efforts.

  Public Policy in Action Fellowship Aspirational District Fellowship (2018-2022) Health System Transformation Fellowships (2020-2022)
Engagement with large public programmes Public Policy in Action Fellowship- Chhattisgarh & Jharkhand Chapter Aspirational District Programme National Rural Health Mission - Jharkhand
Collaboration with key ministries Department of Home, Govt. of Chhattisgarh
Department of Home, Prison & Disaster Management, Jharkhand
Ministry of Home Affairs (35 LWE Aspirational districts) & Niti Aayog (8 Non-LWE Aspirational districts) Department of Health - Jharkhand
Institutional strengthening at various levels Mahatma Gandhi NREGA, Government of Jharkhand, Mahatma Gandhi NREGA, Government of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS), State Rural Livelihood Mission, Govt. of Chhattisgarh, Aspirational District Programme (NITI Aayog) Left Wing Resource Cell embedded within Ministry of Home Affairs at the Centre; State Resource Cells with Planning Department in Chhattisgarh & Home Department in Jharkhand; District Resource Cells within the district administrations Integrated COVID Response Resource Centre within National Health Mission in Jharkhand; Health System Transformation Cell within district administration; District Program Cell embedded within Jharkhand State Livelihood Society;
Key Action Areas for the Fellows

 I. System Augmentation:

  • Support in Programme Management including planning, coordinating, monitoring, documenting and reporting, ensuring data flow, MIS for key schemes of MHA i.e. SCA, RRP-LWE, RCP-LWE, Mobile tower Project, etc.
  • Support the District Administration in strategizing as per the state & district priorities and other schemes especially the Aspirational Districts Program, DAY-NRLM, MGNREGS, etc.

II. Focused implementation around core result areas:

  • Coordination with line departments for convergence to increase outreach and delivery efficiency of Govt Schemes aimed at Public Infrastructure and Services (Mobile Tower, Road Network, Education and Health Infrastructure & VHSND, Common Service Centre, Post Office, Banking Coverage etc.), saturation of Individual benefit schemes, thematic interventions such as Education, Health, Livelihoods, Financial Inclusion etc.
  • Specific focus on Mission 25 Million Mahila Kisan Initiative for livelihood augmentation of SHG member households, youth and other vulnerable, communities promoted under DAY-NRLM in convergence with MGNREGS and other livelihood programmes for economic prosperity of households of the districts.

III. Enabling Resource Mobilisation, Documentation and Use of Technology for all the above at respective districts

Systems and Structural Mainstreaming by way of strategic support in planning, monitoring and facilitating the TADP programme outcomes.

Support in planning and Progress Tracking of district action plans

Strengthening Data flows, analysis and visualization to bring targeted interventions.

Enhancing Delivery efficacy of existing flagship schemes by way of planning, coordination and monitoring

District Level program implementation with support of line department in the area of Education, Health and Agriculture & Allied activities
Strengthening Testing and identification of Disease

Strengthening Health Facilities

Strengthening Health-care Service delivery   on the ground

Strengthening Community Level Response

Strengthening overall Planning, monitoring and implementation of health programmes
Policy Advocacy   Guidelines on Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Day Celebration- Jharkhand.;Mukhya Mantry Arogya Kunji Yojna and  Bike Ambulance Scheme initiated in Chatra adopted in State Budget with 32 Cr & 52 Cr allocation for F.Y. 2019-20;

Operationalisation of Millet Mission in Chhattisgarh; Inclusion of Millets in Take Home Ration (THR) and MSP for Millets- Chhattisgarh; Gram Panchayat Dash Board @ Ranchi and Block Dash Board for 35 LWE-Aspirational Districts; Triple Drug Therapy for Filaria control- Simdega adopted by National Health Mission.
As a part of State Blood Cell, ensuring Blood Storage facilities at all Aspirational Districts.

Adding a Sickle Cell anemia initiative in State PIP for all the aspirational districts with high sickle cell anaemia cases.

Health Policy consulting as a part of the planning committee for Medico city under the chairmanship of Additional Chief Secretary.

ICRRC is closely integrated with IDSP regular monitoring of COVID cases in the form of compiled report.

Which further helps in decision making of key Stakeholders.Prepared the Panchayat Level Quarantine Centre Guideline for COVID-19 patients and shared with Govt